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TYNE’s range of geotextile products offer a wide variety of functions, primarily:


Prevents two soil layers of different particle sizes from mixing with each other.


Efficiently collects superfluous water from structures, such as rainwater or surplus water, from the soil and discharge it.


Ideal interface for reverse filtration in the soil. In all soils water allows fine particles to be moved. Part of these particles will be halted at the filter interface; some will be halted within the filter itself while the rest will pass into the drain. The complex needle-punched structure of the geotextile enables the retention of fine particles without reducing the permeability of the drain.


Geotextile is used to reinforce earth structures by means of fill materials. Thanks to their high soil fabric friction coefficient and high tensile strength, they are an ideal reinforcement solution.


Geotextile is an ideal protection from erosion of earth embankment by wave action, currents or repeated drawdown. A layer of geotextile can be placed so as to prevent leaching of fine material. They can be used for rock beaching or as mattress structures. They can easily be placed under water.